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Dictate on the Go & Boost Productivity: Philips SpeechLive Mobile App

Empower yourself to work smarter, not harder, with Philips SpeechLive. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates voice-to-text conversion, secure cloud storage, and a user-friendly interface, transforming your dictation workflow.

Effortless Dictation on the Go

Philips SpeechLive goes beyond the confines of a traditional office. Record high-quality dictations directly from your smartphone using the accompanying app. Edit and send recordings with ease, streamlining document turnaround times.

Ideal for Remote Teams

The remote work landscape demands flexible solutions. Philips SpeechLive thrives in this environment, enabling seamless collaboration between dictators and transcriptionists working from anywhere. With features like real-time file access and cloud storage, your team can stay productive irrespective of location.

Enhanced Security Measures

Philips SpeechLive prioritizes data security. Your confidential recordings are shielded with multiple encryption layers, including real-time encryption, automatic backups, and server mirroring. Rest assured, your sensitive information remains secure.

Feature-Rich Functionality

Philips SpeechLive boasts a comprehensive feature set designed to optimize your workflow.

  • Dictate and manage recordings from any web browser or your smartphone.
  • Enjoy exceptional flexibility with scalable subscription plans to fit your team's size.
  • Integrate Philips SpeechLive with existing dictation devices for a smooth transition.
  • Leverage optional speech recognition services to expedite transcription further.

SpeechLive is a cloud-based service that lets you turn your voice into text. Here's how it works:

3D Mic system for best audio quality and accurate speech-recognition results

Record your voice using the SpeechLive smartphone app


SpeechLive can transcribe your recording into text using Speech recognition software


Your Assistant receive the finished text document through SpeechLive.

Key benefits of SpeechLive:


Convenience: Record from anywhere using your phone or computer


Accuracy: Choose between automatic speech recognition or professional human transcriptionists.


Organization: Keep all your recordings and documents in one place.


Security: Your recordings and documents are encrypted and secure.

Embrace the future of dictation with Philips SpeechLive. Boost productivity, enhance security, and empower your team to work efficiently from anywhere.

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