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What is SpeechLive?

SpeechLive is an all-in-oneDictation and TranscriptionWorkflow Solution withSpeech Recognition.
It is the most efficient way to turn your voice into text. From anywhere, at any time.

  • Cloud-Based Dictation: Record and upload dictations from anywhere, accessible from any device with internet.
  • Speech Recognition: Accurately converts spoken word to text
  • Workflow Integration: Manage files, transcriptions, and collaboration within one platform
  • Transcription Options: Use AI-powered transcription, professional transcriptionists, or a combination.
  • Philips SpeechLive Mobile App: Dictate and manage your work on the go.

How it works

Understanding the basic Philips SpeechLive workflow is key to seeing how this software can benefit you. Here's a breakdown of the general process:


SpeechLive on your smartphone

Dictate directly with your smartphone using the Philips SpeechLive app

Desktop Microphone

Use SpeechLive to dictate using a speechmike directly into any software (e.g. Outlook, Word, CRM, HIMs or OneNote)

Handheld Dictation Recorder

Upload audio recordings from a handheld recorder such as the Philps PocketMemo 

Speech Recognition:

Any audio file, recorded in our smartphone app, via web browser or uploaded from a dictation device, can be automatically converted to text with just one click, either by authors, typists or assistants. By linking the audio file to the text generated by speech recognition, SpeechLive facilitates a seamless workflow between authors and assistants for correction and finalizing documents.

Embedded Video

Manage and Collaborate

Philips SpeechLive allows you to share files, assign workflows, and track the status of your transcriptions, providing a centralized collaboration space.
You can set up transcription rules to automate certain steps of the process, making it even more efficient.


Finished transcripts are made available in popular document formats like Word (.docx). You'll have secure access and can integrate them seamlessly into your existing work processes.

speechlive download documents.jpg__PID:180b5346-96be-45c9-89b7-0dbe5fd64956

Data security and encryption

Dictations are always created, sent, and stored with industry standard AES 256-bit encryption – in the web app using secure Microsoft Azure environment, in the iOS or Android app on the phone.

Who is Philips SpeechLive Best Suited For?

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Legal Professionals:

Manage depositions, client interviews, and court transcripts securely. SpeechLive's advanced security features and support for specialized legal vocabulary make it ideal for sensitive documentation.


Healthcare Providers:

Simplify patient notes, medical reports, and discharge summaries. Philips Speechlive integrates with many electronic health record (EHR) systems, enhancing workflow efficiency while maintaining data privacy.

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General Business

Streamline meeting notes, memos, and reports with ease. Whether you're on the go or at your desk, SpeechLive's cloud-based platform and collaboration tools help manage your documents from anywhere.

See how it works! Watch our quick demo video.

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What Our Customers Say

Rick Thorpe Crawford & Company, USA

Very impressive product! Being able to use the recorder app connected to SpeechLive on a regular mobile phone is much more convenient.

Ryan Patriarca Reminger Co., LPA, USA

The solution works really well and it is intuitive, efficient and clear.

Dawn Rounce The Holly Hospital, UK

All comments have been positive... being that it has increased our productivity by a noticeable amount of time.

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