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Our speech recognition makes it easier for clinics and practices to manage clinical documentation—whenever and wherever it makes sense.

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Ranked #1 Best in KLAS for 3 consecutive years

Named Best in KLAS: Software & Services award for three consecutive years, 2021‑2023, earning praise from clinicians for helping them deliver and document better patient care.

The speech platform that works your way

In the following video testimonials, learn how Dragon Medical One ambulatory customers capture complete, high‑quality documentation right away with no voice profile training, advanced accent detection, and continuous learning.

ProActive Pain and Neurology, LLC documents complex patient histories with Dragon Medical One

 Dr. Dennis Dey of ProActive Pain and Neurology, LLC documents complex patient histories and speeds documentation turnaround times with Dragon Medical One.

Peachtree Spine reduces physician burnout with Dragon Medical One

Dr. Michael Greene of Peachtree Spine uses Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition to spend more time with his patients and less time documenting clinical notes.

Leon Medical Centers improves documentation quality with Dragon Medical One

Leon Medical Centers aims for the highest documentation standards to improve quality and to focus more on patient care.

Why Dragon Medical One?

Off-the-charts accuracy

Best‑in‑class speech recognition capabilities allow you to dictate notes immediately, with no voice profile training. Achieve 99% accuracy with automatic accent detection and audio calibration.

 Built‑in voice control

Format, correct, and navigate notes quickly and easily using natural language commands designed to optimize workflows.


Save time with speech recognition intuitive enough to finish your sentences—and punctuate them correctly without verbal prompts.

Smartphone mic

When paired with PowerMic Mobile, any workstation becomes a dictation station, giving clinicians freedom to document notes using their smartphones as secure wireless microphones.


Reduce time and eliminate repetitive data entry by automating how commonly used content and information is added to clinical notes. Customized shortcuts can be shared across users, departments, and organizations.

Dictation done better

Dictate at cursor, directly into the application of your choice, or use a dictation box to access your personalizations and transfer text between apps. Anchor dictation allows you to maintain focus as you move between multiple apps.

Budget Friendly

Dragon Medical One offers affordable subscription based pricing starting at just $99/month with a small upfront capital investment makes it easier to budget with predictable expenses.

Quick installation

Quick installation options that work with the infrastructure you already have. There are no complex configurations, and automatic updates mean less work and less hassle.

Always Available

Designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility with personalized vocabularies. Customizable templates that can be accessed and shared across devices anytime, anywhere.

Using Dragon Medical One Software to Prevent Healthcare Burnout

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One is a quick and easy way to reduce burnout among physicians by working smarter, not harder, and making technology work for you. Nuance® Dragon® is cloud-based, secure, 99% accurate and it can boost healthcare workers’ efficiency by up to 45%.

Dragon Medical One reduce time

Reduce time spent documenting care by 50%

Dragon Medical one Capture the patient’s story at the point of care

Capture the patient’s story at the point of care

Be used for in-office visits and for virtual Telehealth visits

Increase provider satisfaction by up to 88%

Automate the tasks that hold you back

We’ve listened to the clinicians who named Dragon Medical One #1 for two years running for its medical dictation capabilities, preserving the proven, portable, personalized features that earned their accolades and empowering them with a nimble modern architecture that is faster, more flexible, and future‑proof.

Discover the reasons behind the choice of over 600,000 clinicians who have embraced Dragon Medical One.


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Affordable Subscription Based Service


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3 Years Contract

*A one-time implementation fee of $525 will be charged at the time of sale. This fee covers license activation, installations on an unlimited number of devices, free technical support.

Dragon Medical One + Powermic Mobile app

Dragon Medical One is now bundled with the PowerMic Mobile Wireless Microphone, which turns any workstation into a dictation station and gives clinicians the freedom to dictate, edit, and navigate the EHR using their smartphone as a secure wireless microphone.

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Nuance Powermic Mobile 

Now clinicians can use PowerMic Mobile on their own smartphone with Dragon Medical solutions to dictate the patient story directly into the EHR. Move from room to room, workstation to workstation, using your own personal smartphone as a convenient, wireless mic. PowerMic Mobile provides greater flexibility to fit caregivers’ schedules while extending clinical documentation capture.

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