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Spectra SP-VC5 Deluxe Transcription Headset


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The Spectra SP-VC5 Deluxe twin speaker headset comes with a stereo/mono switch and volume control on a 5 ft. cord. With the mono/stereo switch, all you need is one headset for all your analog or digital transcription needs.

The Spectra SPVC5 HEADSET is lightweight, comfortable, and the finest style of transcription headset available. Its two speakers give balanced and crystal clear delivery. Its Underchin bow, Twin Speaker Style Headset is comfortable and practical. The set itself weighs in at less than 1 oz. The Spectra comes equipped with two soft, velvet-like ear cushions. This unit is a must for anyone, the heavy transcriptionist or light user.

This headset will work with a PC (sound card input or speakers input ) and Desktop Transcribers with a 3.5mm plug, comes with a black storage pouch and 5 feet cord, and an additional set of cushions.

VEC SP-VC-5 3.5mm Spectra Deluxe Transcription Headsets with Volume control and Stereo/Mono Switch

DictaMic.com offers the Spectra VC-5 Deluxe Twin Speaker Headset with Volume Control and Stereo/Mono Switch, a top-of-the-line audio accessory for your dictation needs. This deluxe headset is designed with the latest audio technology, providing clear and crisp audio quality.

Our Spectra VC-5 Deluxe Twin Speaker Headset features a 3.5mm audio jack compatible with most audio devices, including laptops, desktop computers, and digital audio recorders. In addition, the dual speakers provide stereo sound, while the mono switch lets you switch to mono audio for compatibility with older audio devices.

The volume control feature allows you to adjust the volume level to your liking, while the padded headband and ear cushions ensure maximum comfort during prolonged use. The adjustable boom microphone is also designed for optimal audio pick-up, ensuring your dictation is captured accurately and clearly.

Whether you are a professional transcriptionist, journalist, or student, our Spectra VC-5 Deluxe Twin Speaker Headset is the perfect audio accessory for your dictation needs. With its high-quality audio output and ergonomic design, you can achieve optimal productivity and comfort during dictation sessions.

Our Spectra VC-5 Deluxe Twin Speaker Headset is backed by a 30 Day DictaMic.com Warranty & 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty, giving you peace of mind and assurance of its quality and durability.

Features of the Spectra SP-VC5 Transcription headset

  • Deluxe twin speaker Headsets.
  • Volume control and stereo/mono switch.
  • Lightweight just a trace over 1 oz.
  • 5 ft. cord with a 3.5mm plug.