What’s the value of your time?

Because here’s the truth.
In the world of business, the time has immense value.
What’s somewhat controversial, however, is the fact that some people’s time is worth more than others.
I don’t think it’s a bad thing.
It boils down to specialization.
We want to work with and hire specialists and are willing to pay them more money.
Because a specialized pro is a guarantee for results.
You see, time is the ultimate currency we use.
Since the time of a specialist is worth so much, some things are just… not worth it.
That's why you see high-performers and specialists hire assistants to help them with tasks that are no longer worth their time money-wise.
You don’t see a CEO spending 1,5 hours browsing his mail, do you?
His secretary does it for him.
That’s how I want you to think about the product I’m talking about.
Your own personal assistance. Only this one is fully automatic and powered by an AI.
It’s available 24/7.
It doesn’t tire.
It doesn’t make mistakes.
And it’s always there waiting to be summoned and serve you.
Almost like a Genie in a bottle.
It’s called Dragon Medical One, the #1 clinical documentation companion.
And here are just a few things it can do for you :
● Save your time with speech recognition that can finish your sentences for you
● Eliminate the need for manual controls or clicks
● Give you the freedom to document notes using your smartphone as a wireless microphone… And so much more!
So that you’ll never again have to waste your time on manual documentation Dragon Medical One can do for you.
Until next,

Dragon Medical One, the #1 clinical documentation companion.

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