philips speechmike premium air smp4000
philips smp4000
philips smp4000 speechmike premium air
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Philips SMP4000 SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Microphone

Philips SMP4000 SpeechMike Premium Air Wireless Microphone


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Desktop dictation goes mobile with patented lossless speech technology

The Philips SpeechMike Premium Air SMP4000 has reached its highest stage of evolution. Benefit from all advantages of the industry leading dictation microphone, without the constraints of a cable. Record your voice using a premium decoupled studio-quality microphone with a built-in noise reduction filter and achieve exceptional speech recognition results. Thanks to the revolutionary patented lossless speech technology, the SpeechMike Premium Air offers maximum mobility without any compromises. The device achieves the same high speech recognition performance as the standard SpeechMike Premium with a cable.

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Patented 100% Lossless Speech Technology

Patented 100% lossless speech technology for smooth wireless voice recording

Studio-Quality Microphone

Studio-quality microphone for best-in-class speech recognition results

Built-In Support For Nuance Speech Recognition

Built-in support for Nuance speech recognition for a hassle-free ‘plug and play’ installation

Superior Touch Sensor

Superior touch sensor for integrated mouse function

Philips SpeechMike Air SMP4000 Review -
The Revolutionary Wireless Dictation Microphone

The Philips SpeechMike Air SMP4000 Push Button microphone is the ultimate tool for dictation in legal, medical, and business settings. With advanced speech recognition technology, this wireless microphone captures every word with exceptional accuracy and clarity. Its ergonomic design and intuitive push-button controls make it easy to use, even during extended periods of use. The SpeechMike Premium Air is ideal for busy professionals who demand the best in dictation technology. Whether you're drafting legal documents, medical reports, or business proposals, this microphone ensures your words are captured flawlessly every time. Experience the power of precise dictation with the Philips SMP4000 SpeechMike Premium Air Push Button microphone.

Introduction to the SpeechMike Premium Air

The Philips SpeechMike Premium Air SMP4000 is the world's first wireless dictation microphone, designed to offer maximum freedom and flexibility to users. With a range of up to 10 meters, you can move around your workspace without being tethered to your computer, allowing you to easily dictate and control your recordings.

Features and Benefits of the Philips Wireless Microphone

The Philips wireless microphone is packed with features designed to make dictation easy and intuitive. Here are just a few of the key features you can expect from this revolutionary device:

  • Simplifying Dictation and Transcription Workflows : The Philips SMP4000 SpeechMike Air Premium Push Button is a state-of-the-art device designed to simplify dictation and transcription workflows. It is equipped with advanced features that make it a go-to tool for professionals who value accuracy, speed, and convenience.
  • Wireless connectivity: The SpeechMike Premium Air SMP4000 connects to your computer via Bluetooth, allowing you to move around your workspace with ease.
  • High-quality microphone:  The device comes with a high-quality microphone that captures clear and accurate speech, and a push-button operation that ensures effortless control. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip, and its wireless connectivity allows for unrestricted movement while dictating.
  • Ergonomic Design : The SpeechMike Air Premium Push Button is a reliable and durable tool that is built to withstand heavy usage. It comes with a robust construction that ensures longevity, and its intuitive operation allows for efficient workflow management. With the Philips SMP4000 SpeechMike Air Premium Push Button, dictation and transcription workflows have never been easier.
  • Speech Recognition Software : The SpeechMike Air Premium Push Button is compatible with various speech recognition software, making it an essential tool for medical, legal, and business professionals who require precise transcription. It also has a built-in noise reduction filter that eliminates background noise, enhancing the clarity of the recording.
  • Touch Sensor : The device comes with a dust and dirt resistant touch sensor for superior quality. This allows the user to easily control and navigate within applications while recording, without having to switch between the mouse and microphone.
  • Noise-canceling technology: The device features advanced noise-canceling technology that blocks out background noise, ensuring your recordings are crystal clear.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Balan
A Positive Review with Real Criticism

Positive Aspects: On the positive side, this device boasts unparalleled accuracy in its performance. Its battery can last throughout the entire day without needing a recharge. Moreover, it operates without a cord, which truly makes a significant difference in convenience. You can even use it when the charger or base is located in a different room. An interesting feature of this product is the red LED that illuminates when it is recording.

Negative Aspects: You will need to carry the USB base along if you plan to use it with a laptop. Additionally, you might need to adjust to manually turning the microphone on and off instead of using a push-to-talk feature. Another drawback is its occasional random vibrations, which can be quite surprising. Lastly, it should be noted that this product comes with a hefty price tag.

Ajay Kumar

This microphone has truly transformed my documentation experience with its exceptional accuracy, long-lasting battery, and convenient cordless design. Although it takes some time to get used to turning the mic on and off, the overall performance and convenience make it well worth the investment.

Robert Taylor
A little pricey but excellent product.

Philips SpeechMike SMP4000 has certainly made my dictation experience more efficient and enjoyable. The convenience of being cordless and the incredible accuracy of this device make it a game changer for anyone looking to improve their workflow.

However, it's important to keep in mind the potential challenges. For example, adjusting to the on/off mechanism, occasional vibrations, and connectivity issues. Despite these minor drawbacks, I truly believe the SMP4000 is a worthwhile investment for those seeking a top-notch dictation solution.