The verdict on cloud for the legal space? A win-win

Modernizing work-life for legal professionals is a high priority as the needs of law firms, their clients, and their employees have changed in the post-pandemic era. For example, remote and hybrid work arrangements are here to stay, and virtual collaboration is now much more common. This enables teams in large firms to not only optimize working together internally but to serve clients across a wider base and grow their market reach. Similarly, flexible schedules that challenge the concept of the “workday” or “workweek” have naturally evolved from flexible work locations that challenge the traditional concept of the “office.”

Big-time business agility
Cloud-based voice technology and speech-to-text solutions enable firms to pivot quickly for fluctuations with transcription needs, document creation, and more. They also support working seamlessly between laptops, smartphones, or tablets, so attorneys can shift easily when urgent deadlines arise, team members need to work offsite, or other unforeseen situations occur. For legal assistants, accessing files easily using a web browser, as well as sharing audio recordings and documents, using a singular secure platform, mitigates the need for sending files via email. Further, these solutions increase team-wide visibility regarding priority dictations, so the most pressing files are handled first.

Mobile optimization
Using cloud-enabled voice technology solutions, attorneys can truly have an “anytime, anywhere” office, which is key in today’s increasingly competitive industry landscape.
Mobile applications with the same comprehensive feature set as desktop versions mean attorneys don’t lose capabilities while on the go. Sending audio files for transcription and further processing and review, and capturing notes fresh from a client meeting, are just a couple of examples of how attorneys can get more done right on their smartphones.

Operational efficiency
Nowadays, a successful firm must function like a well-oiled machine – the larger a firm gets, the more difficult this task becomes. But streamlined workflows supported by cloud-based voice software can allow teams to produce more work at a faster pace – an important aspect of working with complex, cross-disciplinary organizations.
Cloud-based voice solutions also help firms reduce the time and costs spent on IT maintenance and troubleshooting, which can be reallocated to higherimpact (read: revenue-driving) initiatives. 

Hold the phone…what about security? 
Again, while there are clear benefits to cloud enablement, security remains a top concern for many firms, and rightfully so. However, using software applications that feature advanced security capabilities can help alleviate those concerns and keep data and privacy safe and sound. It is also important to assess the options available with public cloud, which is cloud computing delivered via shared internet and technical resources, and private cloud, which is conducted via a network and auxiliary resources that are managed and controlled by a single organization.

As evidenced here, cloud computing is one of the most widely impactful and transformative of these recent trends in the commercial realm, and the time is ripe for law firms to take advantage of its potential to achieve next-level business goals. Whether a public or private cloud option is best depends on the individual needs of every firm, but in either case, there are ways to make the transition to the cloud easy, simple, and smooth.
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