The true reason transcriptionists are set to failure.

As humans, we have an awful tendency to resist change.
Ironically, in the last 100 years, we have gone through more changes than our entire evolutionary history to that point.
Just think about the not-so-long-ago bubble.
Masses were laughing at people who believed the internet would be our future.
And when the computers were first introduced?
Even people building them were saying things like. “There’s no reason anyone would want to have a computer in their house.”
Well, look where we are now… Whether we like it or not, changes happen anyway.
And here’s the next big one that’s already happening. Computer programs are becoming so efficient that they take over jobs from humans.
The world's biggest companies are operating in fully automated warehouses.
The same fate will befall the transcription industry.
Speech recognition software is already so advanced it can detect dialects and automatically punctuate your sentences.
No matter how fast your transcriptionist is, they can’t beat the machine.
And while for professional transcriptionists, these are bad news, they can be good for you.
Imagine the increased efficiency and turnaround time you could achieve with the proper software.
Of course, there is a catch.
You can’t use just any voice recorder/software you happen to put your hands on.
To make the process smooth and efficient, you need a top-notch recording device with the best audio quality and workflow solution
You need the Philips DPM-8000 and the Philips Speechlive Solution.
Using the breakthrough 3D Mic technology and multiple microphones, Digital Pocket Memo offers a 360-degree sound pick-up designed for maximum accuracy with speech-recognition results. In other words, it’s a recording device designed with the technology of tomorrow in mind. 
SpeechLive makes the communication process between the Author and the Transcriptionist more effective. SpeechLive is cloud-based and can therefore be used from anywhere and at any time.
Transcriptionists simply log into SpeechLive from any computer without installing any additional software. SpeechLive allows you to access the worklist and play back the recordings in your browser regardless of where you are.
When Authors are mobile, they can take advantage of the Free smartphone app Philips Voice Recorder, which comes with professional editing features and send dictations directly to Philips SpeechLive on the go.

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