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For legal professionals, where time quite literally translates to money, cloud-hosted legal speech recognition software is a revolutionary solution. This technology frees you from tedious typing, enabling you to dictate documents with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Solutions like SpeechLive streamline the entire dictation and transcription process, saving you hours each week. Dictate from anywhere using the mobile app, and reclaim your time to focus on strategic tasks and valuable client interactions

Why Choose Philips Speechlive

Dictate documents faster than ever with voice commands. Insert citations, formatting, and more – hands-free!

Dictate Legal Documents Anywhere:

Cloud-hosted solutions eliminate geographical restrictions. Dictate documents on the go, during commutes, or even in court with the aid of a mobile device and recorder.

Superior Accuracy with Legal Speech Recognition:

Legal terminology can be complex and nuanced. Cloud-hosted speech recognition software equipped with specialized legal vocabularies ensures exceptional accuracy, minimizing errors and the need for revisions.

Voice Command Dictation for Enhanced Workflow:

Modern speech recognition software empowers hands-free dictation with voice commands. Insert legal citations, formatting, and boilerplate text using simple voice commands, streamlining the document creation process.

Collaborative Workflows with Deferred Speech Recognition:

Not all dictation needs to happen in real-time. With deferred speech recognition, record dictations on a mobile device or recorder and send them for secure, cloud-based transcription.

Philips Speechlive

The Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Speech Recognition for Law Firms

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Increased Productivity:

Dictating documents is significantly faster than typing, allowing legal professionals to complete more work in less time.

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Improved Accuracy:

Legal speech recognition software minimizes errors and typos in legal documents, ensuring professionalism and client satisfaction.

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility:

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility:

Cloud-based solutions enable dictation from any location with an internet connection, fostering greater flexibility and work-life balance for lawyers.

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Reduced Costs:

Reduced time spent on document creation translates to cost savings for law firms. Additionally, some cloud-hosted solutions offer subscription-based pricing, eliminating upfront software costs.

Dragan Legal Benefits

Intelligent Speech Recognition:

Leveraging the latest Deep Learning advancements, Dragon Legal continuously refines its understanding of your voice and surroundings to deliver unmatched personalized accuracy from the get-go.

Customizable Legal Lexicon:

Create bespoke word lists encompassing industry-specific terminology, acronyms, and client names for flawless recognition tailored to your practice's unique needs.

Streamlined Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks with voice-activated macros, dictate directly into any application, and leverage text-to-speech functionality for effortless proofreading – all designed to empower you to work smarter, not harder.

Speech recognitionin any application

Leverage speech recognition on the fly within your preferred applications, like customer relationship management software, Word processing tools, or even your email client.

Dictate using your Smart Phone

Dictate using your Smart Phone

Record on the go from anywhere using our smartphone app, and share instantly to the cloud

Record using your Speechmike

Dictate using your Speechmike

With the new SpeechLive web recorder* customers are now able to create dictations directly within their browser, without having to install any additional dictation workflow software.

Record using your Philips Handheld

Dictate using your Dictation Handheld

Record & upload your dictation files to speechlive cloud service, files are automatically routed between authors and typists

In House Transcription

In House Transcription

Sync your dictations automatically with the correct typist for in-house transcription, saving time in your workflow.

Convert Your Words To Transcripts Automatically Using Speech Recognition

Convert your words to transcripts automatically using speech recognition

Simply press the record button, click anywhere you want to type and start speaking. SpeechLive converts your voice to text in real time in any software.

Optional Transcription Service

Optional Transcription Service

Our industry-specific trained professionals transcribe your files with 99%+ accuracy, 100% done by humans.

Philips Voice Recorder app

Philips smart phone dictation app

Limitless mobility with a professional voice recorder app

The new Philips voice recorder app allows you to be productive on the go. Record, edit and send your recordings for transcription from anywhere and reduce your document turnaround times. The app allows you to take advantage of every spare minute; whether it is time spent outside your office, travelling in your car or waiting at the airport.

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