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Today is really a better day than Christmas. At least in my opinion…
Because today I get to tell you everything that’s so amazing about the Medical Dragon One software.
Dragon Medical One is a secure, cloud-based speech recognition solution that allows clinicians to document everything from pre-charting to post-encounter documentation using only their voice.
You can think of it as your personal workflow assistant and documentation companion that follows you wherever you go.
It’s the cure for time-consuming, laborous documentation challenges.
But how does it work?
To use Dragon Medical One, all you have to do is speak through the headset attached to the clinical workstation or turn your smartphone into a wireless microphone.
That level of automation combined with advanced speech recognition allows you to have a more productive and personalized documentation experience before, during, and after the patient visit.
With Dragon Medical One, you get:
-Off-the-charts accuracy with both automatic accent detection AND sound calibration
-AutoText function that eliminates repetitive data entry by automating the commonly used content and information you add to your clinical notes.
-Auto-punctuation function that saves your time by intuitively finishing and punctuating your sentences. Without the need for verbal prompts.
- Integrated Voice skills option that allows you to create automated shortcuts and easier access to specialized information and seamless navigation of the EHR.
-Smartphone Mic option that allows you to change your phone into a microphone paired with your workstation giving you the freedom to document and take notes with a secured, wireless microphone.
On top of that, Dragon Medical One allows you to access self‑service analytics and peer benchmarking to track and monitor KPI trends and use actionable intelligence to maximize individual and group performance.
With Microsoft Power BI reports and visualization, Dragon Medical One delivers deep insight into the organization, group, and individual metrics. It yields a greater understanding of performance and opportunities for improvement, helping to consistently provide a benchmark for success.
Reports include productivity and efficiency forecasts as well as data on dictation quality and peer benchmarking across the industry’s largest deployment of speech technology, measuring performance against more than 6,500 healthcare organizations, hundreds of thousands of users, hundreds of millions of voice skills, and AutoTexts, and billions of lines of dictation.
And the best part?
Right now, you can try Dragon Medical One absolutely for FREE.
Just click the link below to start your trial and discover the possibilities of automation.
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