How to add time to your day ?

Everybody knows you cannot add hours into a day. BUT… there is a way to have more time in your day. It’s a simple concept and, if applied correctly, extremely powerful. It requires minimal effort on your part, but if done wrong, it will hurt you more than help. What am I talking about?

Now imagine this :
You are in your car after a meeting with a client and have the whole plan worked out in your head. Letters you want to draft, procedural documents you need to prepare.
Instead of having to wait till you get to the office to type everything manually and potentially losing some thoughts and ideas, you can now do it straightaway.
To make things even sweeter, you can send your dictations digitally to your assistant, transcriptionist, or even a speech recognition software and have everything ready long before you reach the office using your cell phone.
That’s the type of automation that adds time to your day.
And it’s now available thanks to the technology introduced in the newest version of Philips Speechlive app. A powerful recording app designed with legal industry professionals in mind.
>> You can learn more about Philips Speechlive here
 See how easy it is to harness the power of automation in your own legal practice.
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