The greatest feeling in life is?

That’s a good question to ask yourself, don’t you think?
And the answer is? Well, that depends.
For every person would value different things.
But there is one thing that most people have in common.
For most of us, the greatest feeling in life often comes from avoiding the worst (or at least a very bad) feeling.
After all, the drive to avoid pain is stronger than the one to achieve pleasure.
So by asking what this greatest feeling is for you, I’m really asking: 
What pain do you want to get rid of? It could be a feeling of frustration after spending over an hour in the traffic. But it also could be the pain of manual, laborious clinical documentation.
While there’s not much you can do about the traffic (although automatic cars might solve the issue someday), there is something that can make clinical documentation easy and even fun. And just like these automatic cars, the solution I’m talking about it’s powered by AI technology.
You know, the same technology that helps Google predict what you’re searching for and powers Siri in your iPhone. Now, it also takes over the burden of time-consuming documentation challenges from medical professionals.
And as it often is with new technology… it makes life so much easier.
Picture this :
You just finished your first encounter with a patient, and you’re getting ready to fill out the documentation. But, instead of wasting time typing everything manually, you just say 2 magic words and let the software follow your command.
You sit comfortably in your chair, a cup of coffee in your hand. Complete hands-off experience. With a few integrated commands, you can navigate your entire EHR and make changes for each patient.
By now, you’ve got to be dying to know what I am talking about.
Tomorrow I’ll reveal to you the secret of a product named 2022 and 2021 Best in KLAS, earning praise from clinicians for helping them deliver and document better patient care.
Best regards,
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