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Olympus Dictation Management System R7 Transcription Module - Dictamic.com

Olympus Dictation Management System Transcription Module


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  •  Efficiently receive files within the organization via network server, email, or FTP
  • Multiple format playback, including DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3, and WAV/AIFF
  • Automatic association of transcription documents with dictation files

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Documentation workflow, simplified

Transcription Module is software that allows you to playback dictation files with your hands free by using a USB foot switch such as the RS-31H. It can streamline transcription by, for example, automatically specifying a document template and starting your word processor when transcription starts. In addition, it can reduce the workload and improve the productivity of a transcriptionist by using the speech recognition functions to automatically create a document and synchronize with the voice to make corrections. Furthermore, playback control, user interface, foot switch customize function, and other settings required for transcription can be accessed easily.

Olympus Transcription Management System (ODMS) R7

  • Automatic download from Olympus Voice Recorder
  • Supports web-based e-mail clients such as Gmail and MS Office 365
  • Recive Voice files within the organization via network server, email, or FTP
  • Trusted Data Security through Standard Olympus Encryption
  • Seamless Interface to Speech Recognition
  • Quick installation and configuration
  • Simple and Intuitive Redesigned User Interface
  • 256-bit file encryption with DSS Pro audio codec
  • Automatic back-up adds extra protection against accidental data loss
Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS) R7

Transcription's Features

  • Playback Control with USB Foot Switch: The Transcription Module allows you to playback dictation files hands-free using a USB foot switch like the RS-31 or RS27H.
  • Streamlined Transcription: It can automatically specify a document template and initiate your word processor when transcription begins.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The playback control, user interface, foot switch customization function, and other essential settings for transcription are easily accessible.

Software's Features

Classic transcription

After completing your dictation, send it directly to a transcriptionist. Once transcribed, it is returned to you as a text  le

Automatic transcription

In combination with ODMS and Dragon speech recognition software*, manual transcription is no longer required. The Dragon software automatically transcribes the dictation

Efficient document creation

Diverse playback functions for effortless audio transcriptions

Secure workflow

256-bit AES encryption protects your dictations

Adaptable audio player/recorder

the re-designed recorder provides a clear overview on your desktop

Additional Information About ODMS R7

Specifications Transcription
Note: Applies to Transcription Module only
Available licenses (Per running instance, # of installations unlimited) Transcription Module
Single License Key Yes
Volume License Key Yes
Receiving / Importing Dictations Via WLAN No
Receiving / Importing Dictations Via USB Yes
Automatic import from Emails Yes (only documents)
Sending Dictations Dictation workflow via shared network folders Yes
E-Mail Yes
DSS Pro file encryption Playback
256‑Bit AES encryption Transcription with Speech Recognition
Note: Software Dragon NaturallySpeaking by Nuance must be installed on the same PC.
Real-time SR No
Automatic Background SR Yes
Automatic adaption of SR profiles Yes
Multi-language support By mapping multiple SR User Profile to authors Yes
Assign templates to users and Worktypes Yes
[Voice Fields] (automatically adds meta information into document) Yes
[Voice Field] assistant to create templates Yes
Recording Direct Recording No
Recorder control via footswitch No
Set index marks and voice commands No
Manual Transcription & Playback Customizable GUI Yes
Support for both beginners and advanced users. Document Templates Yes
Join or split dictation file(s) Yes
Customizable Transcribe Bar Yes
Variable Playback Speed Yes
Channel Selection Yes (Monoaural, Stereo, Left, Right)

Software's Specifications

Specification Details
Operating System
Standalone System Microsoft Windows (10, 11)
Workgroup System Microsoft Windows (10, 11, Server 2012 R2, Server 2012)
Microsoft Windows 10/11 1 GHz or higher
Server 2012 2GHz or higher
Microsoft Windows 10/11 1 GB or more (x86) / 2 GB or more (x64)
Server 2012 2 GB or higher
Audio Device With the Dictation Module and Transcription Module: A Microsoft WDM- or MME-compliant and Windows-compatible sound device
Virtual Environment Platform (Workgroup System only)
Windows Terminal Services Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Terminal Services (requires separate RDS[TS] CAL license), Microsoft Windows Server 2008-2016 RemoteApp (requires separate RDS CAL license)
Citrix Presentation Server XenApp 5 / 6 / 7 - 7.15, XenDesktop 7 - 7.15, Citrix Receiver 4.0 or later (using citrix virtual environments requires a separate Citrix user license)
VMware VMware View: Horizon View 5/6, Horizon 7 - 7.2, VMware View Client 5.0.1 or later (Using VMware view requires a separate VMware view user license)
Other Technical Data
HDD space At least 2 GB of free space
.NET Framework .NET Framework 4.0 or higher
Drive CD-ROM drive installed
Display 1024 x 768 pixel resolution or higher, 65,536 colors or more (16.77 million colors or more recommended)
Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later (with the latest Service Pack applied)
USB With the Dictation Module and Transcription Module; one or more USB ports available
Olympus ODMS Transcription software

Olympus ODMS Transcription software
Support Foot Pedal playback

Olympus ODMS Dictation software Support Voice Recorder Only ( Download files)

Olympus ODMS Dictation software
Support Voice Recorder Only ( Download files)

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Tom Guarino
Olympus Dictation Management System works great

The system works just as i need it to and the customer service from aaaprice.com is awesome!!!